Weekend in Turin: 3 thinks you can not lose!

Turin became from some year, one of the most visited cities of Italy. It is risen again, from its ashes, to show itself in all its beauty, holding the comparison with large cities such as Rome and Florence. If you are preparing for a weekend in Turin know that will amaze you. This marvelous city is human scale and invites you surely return.

Then 3 thinks you can not lose in your weekend in Turin!

weekend in Turin

Art and Nature in the heart of Turin

Start the day well: treat yourself to a walk in one of the most beautiful parks that you can see during your weekend in Turin. The Valentino Park  is a good starting point. It is ery close to the center of the city, situated on the left bank of Po river. This park is not only a park: you will pass in front of the magnificent Faculty of Architecture in order to reach the Medieval Village. Together to the Medieval Castle constitutes a museum dedicated to medieval architecture to relive the magic of the past centuries. Continue until you get to The Botanical Gardens: covers a surface of 44,000 sqm. and therein.

weekend in turin

Numerous new flower beds are realized  to recall the occasion of his birth, every years. The permanent collection of over 2000 rose trees  was donated to the town by growers, both Italians and foreigners. Your walk will close in beauty with the Fountain of the Months made by Carlo Ceppi in 1898.

Courtyards, art and shopping

weekend in Turin

During a nice weekend in Turin can not miss shopping or at least a ride among the most beautiful shops. It is always a good way to relax. Head toward the center and in addition to the more known Via Roma, follow Via Lagrange and Via Carlo Alberto. Be careful though, because in these tracks you can find many courtyards animated. Take care and do not be afraid to ventured, small shops and the works of art hidden inside the courtyards that will enchant you!

Unfailing: the Bicerin during your weekend in Turin

weekend in turin

The Bicerin is a traditional hot drink native to Turin, made of espresso, drinking chocolate and whole milk served layered in a small rounded glass. Two are the best (and most spectacular) where you can taste this drink in Turin. At Bicerin, small bar that sees its birth in 1763. This local revolutionized the drink in the middle of 1800: originally the ingredients were served separated; the idea of proposing the “Bicerin” with the blended ingredients, is their. Floor plan also spreads other spaces of the city, becoming even one of the symbols of Turin!

weekwen in turin

The second option, equally historic and spectacular, is the Royal Coffee Shop, in the courtyard of the Royal Palace (in the center of Turin). In the three rooms are exhibited silverware and porcelain of the rich endowment of the palace. Tables and chairs are reminiscent of an Savoy tipical elegance typically and the pause ensures knocked your socks off and satisfied.

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