Super mom? No thanks. Space for dad!

Super mom? Only mommy… that is better!

Super mom? No thanks.There I put a little to understand you know? I must learn to give space to dad. With the birth -and after a period of almost five months of exclusive breastfeeding- here is that I found myself to be often the absolute protagonist of the life of my daughter, who has passed with me most of the time. And so, for months, I got up and I nursed; I changed and  washed and performed to eeevery need of my baby. I have just been a mother.

Stop please!

At a certain point, however, I stopped; by super mom I had not left space for the most important person of my life: the father of my daughter. I was unfair and I limited to my partner the opportunity  to know his little girl and get experience on his skin. And so, I thought that we often complain of little help that dad offer us, but I don’t give him the possibility and responsibility also; if things aren’t made exactly in my way, were wrong.

Super mom? No thanks

But is that really the case?

Of course no. If we look at (and we don’t need an clinic eye for realizing) people that surround the lives of our children interact in a very different way with them. We accept it placidly (or almost). In the case of Dad instead tend to try to trained them to be mothers. Want you take it lightly, and say a banality? They are slow to learn and sometimes make big bullshit. But this we must do: take it lightly and explain with tranquillity and sweetness that shoes backwards. That  t-shirt is inside out. That… the so cute romper is a pajamas. That… If at 7 pm Elena Maria screams (and you forgot to give her the snack) is simply because she is hungry. That… The baby is a baby so it’s better to put the tank top in January. That … that … that …

Super mom? No thanks

Elena Maria will not be less in health and will not be less happy: these are the important things, the rest are just nonsense. And like me, you’ll love him even more because you’ll know an  absolutely new man.

(And you will continue to be a super mom!)

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