Hold me tight and I will hold you tight, whenever you feel the need

On when a hug can solve many things

Hold me tight. It costs nothing and says a million things without saying anything. We should keep in mind how powerful a simple embrace can be. A research team, belonging to the School of Medicine of the University of California, San Diego, stressed that pleasant experiences linked to the touch, which embrace, cause a positive response on the part of the body. Not only for the development of the self-esteem of children, but as therapy anti-anxiety, capable of impacting positively on mood and increase the sense of security it needs each one of us. How many times I have found to discuss, perhaps also by raising a little tones, with my partner? How many times I could avoid these discussions?

Hold me tight

When you see that I am losing calm and control, hold me tight. We remain in silence. We leave for a moment our debate and the bad words. We enter the silence in our minds, let flow the ugly thoughts and remain there. Because the river of words that comes from our mouths with the sole intention of scar each other creates, with time, deep cracks. If instead I stop a moment, I explained you my reasons with calm, choosing the best way. I knew how to express my discomfort without transforming it in the wave of angry that is now. Because a hug relieves stress and helps people to vent and be open to others. And then…

hold me tight

Hold me tight

Hug each other improves the memory. Stimulates our brain to remember better what important happens to us and we learn to hold tight often. An important gesture, not only in the relationship with the children, but in the true and proper management of couple and of all the important relationships of our life. Look for Elena Maria and she is, as always, to inspired me. I observe how she relates to other children. She hug her friends very often, and very often is embraced. Again teaches me something about how really should turn the world. Once again, I have to take example from the innate wisdom that regulates the relationship of children.

And I say to you my love.

Hold me tight and I will hold you tight, whenever you feel the need.

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