London to walk, five days to discover

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford”

Samuel Johnson

It is with these few words that was described London around the middle of the Eighteenth Century and is indisputably thus, still today. The family is ventured in this great city for five days to discover, just put our feet on the ground, that here we will return again and again, probably until the end of our days. London is immense; and I speak not about dimensions, certain important. Its immensity is in every way, every alley, every detail of wealth or poverty. Is in the subway, in people, ordinary or eccentric that both, always incredibly multifaceted. You can really say that London has welcomed us and embraced upon arrival; through a landscape of green meadows and isolated houses that shortly would have been upset.

To accommodate we chose Camden Town. My curiosity -simply irrepressible- has been repaid. It may seem a cliché but there are things of this city that you can not miss, and at the top of the list there are precisely those things that, by any other party, would be defined tourist or trivial; but here trivial there is nothing! The channel that cross Camden gives a special atmosphere; the premises that there overlook are places of sound tranquillity, but simply turn around 180 degrees and enter into an alley, to find oneself in the bowels of Camden Market, in a tumultuous articulate of narrow streets crowded benches, on which you will be able to truly find everything.

Little time, much to see

Five days are very little for a city as London, this already knew before starting. The truth is that when you arrive, you make immediately aware that it would take a life. In order to have an overall view of the only solution is the classic bus, hop on hop off or any other company you want but do so. You will understand how little you have seen and will reveal some curiosities; in addition to give you the possibility to make wonderful pictures. This done, we chose a zone, in this case Soho, and we explore it. The only small street market of Berwick Street where you can enjoy a great burrito and buy local products, we restores after an intense path that leads us from the most famous streets and unmissable – as Carnaby Street- all tracks minor but no less fascinating.ù

London Carnaby Strett

Within walking distance and you are in Chinatownn, few avenues that will lead you into another world. Find out why for a few moments you can also believe that teleportation exists. And track, to dive back in the streets of Soho and find ourselves surrounded by numerous London theaters. The proposal of the spectacles is very varied and the right musical is waiting for you.

There would still be a lot to say about London, 106.000 steps (about 70 km) we have travelled in those five days but leave space to images…

Here a small excerpt, for the complete album click here


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